"Words are a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and emotions".

This book is made from my thoughts, my experiences and my photographs. Enter and explore my world through my book. It's my way of seeing the world.

(French version only available and English version coming soon).

In this book, I invite you to refocus on yourself and to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through these messages and images, I share my vision of the world and existence. This collection of thoughts is intended to accompany everyone throughout his life, whatever his traditions, his religious beliefs ...

Available on order in digital format e-book (epub) and PDF but also in photo book format 160 mm x 110 mm. This collection of thoughts in pictures will be an ideal companion to apprehend a new vision and reflection of the world around us and our daily life. Made up of 96 pages, it contains 46 exclusive photographs each accompanied by a thought on personal development.

To order the book or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

© 2017 All rights reserved  - Sébastien Dailly Dang-Tran Photographie - Mentions légales

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